What Price Can You Expect To Pay For A Xilinx FPGA Development Board

Xilinx isn’t the only company that makes FPGA development boards of course, but the company does make some of the best ones. Do you know some of the other companies? Not only are there different companies, but even when it comes to Xilinx, there are multiple choices for boards at different price points. You will have to find the xilinx artix 7 fpga development board that fits your project first, and then you can really know what you are going to have to pay.

Firstly Looking Up the Information About Boards

Of course, you are going to see prices for boards as you look at them, even if you’re trying not to do so right away. Let’s say you are just looking up information about the Artix 7 series by Xilinx. Try looking up that information without some price points finding their way into the search results. That is a good thing though because you are wanting to know prices anyway.

Just be sure that you are going to look at the specs and information about the boards before you really start honing in on a price. There are boards for less than $100, and there are some that are hundreds of dollars. When it comes to those that are less than $100, there are even some that are significantly under that price point.

You want to know that you are looking at actual boards, too, because there are individual semiconductors and other parts that show up in the results. Of course when you see a semiconductor part for $4, you know you aren’t getting a Xilinx FPGA development board for that price. Still, you need to know the lingo and what you are looking for, and you likely do if you are planning on programming these boards.

Are you an entry level Zynq developer? If so, you can score the Xilinx board you need for about $89, but perhaps you aren’t a novice developer. Maybe this isn’t your first FPGA board either, or perhaps you need to buy more than one. The Xilinx Spartan 7 FPGA board is one product the company markets that is extremely popular.

Properly Know About What you’re Buying

When you are looking at products, be sure that you pay attention to whether certain boards are abandonware. You can still use those boards if they work for what you need done, but you certainly want to know what you’re buying. Search out the right Xilinx FPGA development board, and you will get exactly what you need.