What Is The Right Way To Shave?

Shaving correctly will ensure that you get a close shave and keep irritation to a minimum. It is important that you know the correct techniques to use when you shave. There are a number of steps that you should be taking to ensure that you are shaving correctly.

Shaving Tips and Techniques

Hydrate The Face

Hydrating your face will help to minimize the cuts and nicks when shaving as well as lower the amount of irritation. This is why it is recommended that you shave immediately after you showered. Hydrating the face will soften the facial hairs and this will allow the razor to glide across the skin more easily. You should also look at using a face wash or scrub to remove dirt, dried skin and oil from the skin to prepare it for the most comfortable shave possible.

Use Shaving Cream

You need to use shaving foam or gel to ensure that you get the most comfortable shave possible. These products will need to be lathered and spread all over the area you are going to shave because it will hydrate the hairs and improve the glide of the razor. Gels and foams will also help to protect the skin from irritation and razor burn. There are some differences between gels and foams that you should consider when you choose one, but you have to use one when you shave.

Check Your Razor

Before you start shaving, you need to check your razor for dull blades. You should also check the lubrication strips on the razor. If the strips are faded or worn and if the blades feel dull when you shave, you need to change the cartridge. Using sharp blades will ensure that your shave is smooth and gentle on the face.

Use Light And Gentle Strokes

When you start to shave, you need to use the right amount of pressure. It is recommended that you use light and gentle strokes of the razor to shave. You should let the razor do all of the work and not press too hard on the skin as this could cause cuts.

Rinse The Blades Often

When shaving, it is important to remember to rinse the blades often. Rinsing the blades will remove foam and hairs from the cartridge will improve the access of the blades to the new hairs. When you shave, it is also important that you do not over-shave a single area as this can lead to irritation.

shaving beard correctly

Shave With And Against The Grain

You should look at shaving with and against the grain of the hair. Facial hairs grow in many different directions so shaving with and against the grain will ensure that you get all of them. You should shave in the direction that feels comfortable to you because the growth of your hair will be different to other people. This means that there is no set direction that you should shave certain areas of the face.

Apply Moisturizer Or Aftershave

Once you have finished shaving, you need to wash your face with cool water and pat it dry. You should also hydrate the skin after with a moisturizer or aftershave and you should use the best grooming kit.

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