What Are The Best Stubble Trimmers With Vacuums On The Market?

Most men have purchased at least two beard trimmers in their lifetime when they are trying to find the best one to meet their needs. Unfortunately, this is not a very simple task, but it is possible to find the one that you need when you have the largest and best amount of information possible.

Chances are, if you have visited any forums and websites, you have probably seen plenty of professional and personal reviews of different beard trimmers with vacuums on the market. Although these reviews are designed to be unbiased and can also give you a lot of information, they may not contain enough information for you to decide if a certain beard trimmer is perfect for you or not.

The following guide provides insight into what consumers generally look for when in beard trimmers and trimmers with vacuums.

Choosing The Best Beard Trimmer With Vacuum

Not only do men with beards want to maintain neat and tidy facial hair, they also want to make sure that their grooming space (bathroom) remains neat and tidy as well. They do not want to have to spend a lot of time cleaning the area after they have finished shaving.

So, in order to accomplish both goals, they look for beard grooming products that is high-quality and has a vacuum system in place to catch those trimmed hairs.

However, before you decide to look over the specifications and price for the trimmer you are interested in to see how efficient it is, there is an overall point that you should be aware of.

Be careful of any reviews that state the vacuum system picks up 100% of their trimmed hair. The truth is, most of the vacuum systems on beard trimmers typically remove about 80% of fallen hair. Even at that rate, it is important that the chamber of the vacuum is cleaned regularly. This will eliminate any hair that can clog the system and reduce its efficiency.

Also keep in mind, if you are vacuuming up long hair strands, all of them may not be vacuumed up. It is important to remember that it is a small vacuum system with a very small motor, and is completely different from the more commonly recognized carpet and floor vacuums.

Remington VPG6530

This is a 4 in1 personal beard trimmer that has a vacuum feature. This is the ideal grooming tool for those who do not want to purchase multiple tools for their grooming needs. It is equipped to trim the hair on the face, head and body. The Remington VPG6530 is considered the best option for those who are looking for the grooming solution for their head all the way to their toes.

The vacuum system is designed to catch clipped hair. The hair is sucked into another pocket where it stays until it is emptied by the user.

The beard trimmer also comes with several attachments including:

9 Length hair comb
Nose hair trimmer
Foil hair trimmer
Basic trimmer
Mustache and beard comb

The Philips Norelco QT4070

This is a beard trimmer that is not only popular, but it is also highly rated. In fact, the vacuum system was rated so highly, it was one of the major reasons consumers purchased it. Another major perk was that the beard trimmer met most of hair grooming needs.

The length settings on this trimmer were higher than other comparable trimmers on the market. The multi-functional display also lets users know the amount of power that is left in the battery.

You will have to consider your personal needs when looking for the best beard trimmer with a vacuum. Once you are informed of good and bad functions of each trimmer, you can make the best purchasing decision.