Using SEO for Law Firm Websites

Do you want your law firm to make a name in the industry? With so many well-established law firms out there, this appears to be too tall an order for most people. But if you know how to market effectively, then you can compete against more popular names in your industry and attract more clients. One strategy is to use SEO for law firm websites. Creating a solid search engine presence can prove to be just what you need to give your law firm the respect and credibility it deserves.

If you have already created a website, then you should focus on creating the right content for your visitors. Remember that a beautiful website is useless unless it gets seen by your target market. To make sure that you drive traffic to your web pages, start by researching what keywords you would want to rank for. Focus on the services you’re offering and the location you’re serving.

All About Choosing Keywords

A lot of people think that keyword research is all about choosing keywords that get the highest monthly search volume. In reality, attempting to rank for these keywords doesn’t do you any favors. Even if you manage to make it to the top 10, you will probably see very low conversion rates. This is why you will want to focus on longtail keywords instead. These keywords are at least three words long and provide a more specific picture of what users are looking for.

Let’s take a look at this example. If you’re a DUI lawyer, then you might be tempted to rank for the term “DUI” or “driving under influence.” This makes sense at first because these keywords are closely related to your services. But if you try to rank for “DUI + city name,” you can expect to get more targeted traffic, even if the overall number of visitors is smaller.

Various Ranking Factors

Once you have created your content, it’s time to look into link building. Links are one of the most influential ranking factors, but you should not play the numbers game. Instead, try to build high-quality links from relevant sources. These links beat thousands of low-quality links any day. Yes, they are hard to find, but you will thank yourself later once you see your rankings soar through the roof.

If you do not have enough time to do all this, then consider hiring marketing services for law firms. There are SEO companies that specialize in optimizing the websites of legal professionals. You benefit from their knowledge and expertise in this particular field. What’s more, they have a network from which you can acquire high-quality links without any effort on your part. This alone can save you a ton of hours.

Understand that SEO is an investment. It entails shelling out for upfront expenses, but the returns can prove to be enormous. You just have to stay patient because SEO doesn’t provide results overnight. Focus on using SEO for law and marketing firm websites until you rank your web pages for your desired keywords. To know more visit the website at