The Best Home Pest Control Tips

Is your home constantly infested with rodents, insects, bugs or other pests? Are you looking for the best home pest control tips to keep everything out? You can always choose to hire a professional pest control company but here are useful tips to keep the pests out of your home on your own.

• If there are any shrubs or trees that touch the exterior of your home, they should be trimmed immediately. On the other hand, if you’re using mulch such as pine straw or wood chips, the pests will keep coming because that’s their ideal environment. Alternatively, you should consider placing rock or stone to keep the pests away.

• Pests often find their way through any gaps and cracks in your home. That’s why you need to inspect and repair any broken or warped windows and doors. Also, if there are any tears or rips in the window or door screens, make sure they are repaired to keep the pests out of your home.

Gaps And Cracks In Your Home

• Inspect the exterior of your home to check for crevices, cracks or gaps where pests are likely going to enter. You should start checking for cracks in the foundation, missing roof shingles, loose siding or gaps in the utility lines, pipes wiring. All these openings should be sealed with coarse steel wool or coper mesh as well as sheet metal and mortar for the best results. Don’t use expanding caulk because pests can chew through it easily.

• Make sure your decks, patios and garages are free from weeds, litter or standing water. All your trash cans should have tight-fitting lids then clean them regularly and the area where they are placed regularly to remove spills and debris.

• If there are constant flying insects in your home, they are following the light. Therefore, replace your mercury vapor lights with halogen or sodium vapor options. Bulbs with a yellow, pink or orange tint will be less attractive to these insects. Rather than placing your exterior lights near the doors, you can use pole lights and place them farther away but facing your door to improve safety.

Floor And Sink Drains

• There are some gaps in your house that might not be visible from the outside. That’s why you need to inspect behind the refrigerators, the kitchen cabinets or stoves. If there are any gaps, make sure they are properly sealed with the right material to prevent pest infestations in your home.

• Floor and sink drains often accumulate debris and gunk which can attract pests since they are an ideal breeding ground. Make sure these drains are regularly inspected and maintained to prevent pests such as small flies from breeding there.

• All your recycled containers should be stored away from your home. Alternatively, you can clean them thoroughly or the lid on the recycling bin should be tightfitting to prevent rodents from swarming into your home.

• As for stored foods, make sure that the opened bags and boxes are closed completely. If not, put the food in a plastic container or resealable bag to prevent pests from coming to your kitchen. To know more visit the website at