Questionnaires: Eliot's Responses

As a candidate for governor, I get questionnaires from all kinds of interest groups – from environmentalists to sportsmen to labor unions. Often these questionnaires are tied to endorsements that carry with them money, mailings and manpower. But most of these groups are tied to one of the two political parties, and so the endorsement process -- the candidate interviews and the decision-making -- usually takes place behind closed doors. As a result, you never know who has promised what to whom.

I think that's wrong. That's why I am posting each of the questionnaires I complete here on my website. I won't tell these groups anything different than what I'm telling you, the voters.   After all, your endorsement is the only one that really matters. I hope you will ask the other other candidates to share their questionnaire responses, too, and that you will encourage the groups that endorse candidates to host debates and forums with all the candidates, so that we can have an open and honest dialogue about the issues facing our state.

The Sierra Club


(Maine State Employees Association/Service Employees International Union)


(American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations)

Maine Conservation Voters


Planned Parenthood

National Pro-Life Alliance Survey

New England Citizens for Right to Work

Sportsman's Alliance of Maine

National Federation of Small Business - NFIB

Environment Maine

Voter Education Brigade

Cancer Action Network

Maine Lobstermen's Association

Maine Association of Nonprofits

E-W Corridor