How Can I Find My Child’s Social Security Number?

Although you are required to give your youngster a name and begin establishing a record of them before you even leave the hospital, it doesn’t mean that documents can’t be lost for one reason or another. If you no longer have the original social security card that was issued to your youngster, you might not even know the number! In this case you can also apply quickly to get a copy of social security card.

This can be alarming, particularly when legal paperwork is involved. If you have realized that you need to have social security numbers for your offspring, there is no need to fret. The Social Security Administration has made it easy for you to get a new one.

Card Reissue Request

Of course, you are going to need to have the appropriate paperwork in order to request the card be reissued to you. One of those things is the child’s birth certificate. You can request this from the state if you don’t have one. In both instances you will need to prove who you are as well.

A state issued identification card or driver’s license is a good step in the right direction. You might also need to provide additional verification of who you are, such as your own social security card or birth certificate.

Necessary Information For Replacement Of Card

When you go to your local Social Security Office, you can present all of the information necessary for the assisted online filings – replace social security card application. Until then, they can give you the number so that you can use it to fill out forms in the interim.

Social security cards are an important piece of documentation that needs to be well protected. Even so, it is still possible for them to become lost or damaged. Obtain a copy for your youngster so that you have it when needed and it is available to pass on once your child has reached legal age.